Gemological Appraisals and Creations
The Appraisal Process

The appraisal process should be interesting and informative for you.



Your jewelry piece(s) will be carefully examined in your presence.  This will include metal testing, weighing, obtaining measurements, gemstone identification, grading and taking photographs.


Equipment used for the examination process may include the following:

■  Microscope with darkfield illumination

■  10x fully corrected loupe

■  Refractometer

■  Dicroscope

■  Polariscope

■  Conoscope

■  Spectrascope

■  Chelsea Filter

■  Fluorescence Testing

■  Diamond Grading Set

■  Metals Testing Equipment

■  5000 degree Calvin lamp


For you to bring:

Your jewelry piece(s) to be appraised

A copy of your insurance policy, or knowledge of your coverage.  This is not necessary, but helpful in determining whether you need to talk with your insurance agent regarding your existing coverage (actual cash value or agreed value policy).

Your jewelry receipt if available.  This is helpful in determining that you received the item you paid for.


Cleaning and Setting Check:

Your jewelry piece(s) will be cleaned using the appropriate safe cleaning method depending on the materials and inspected for setting integrity.



Time is needed following the appraisal process to research comparable sales analysis.  This will be completed in the days to follow after the examination of your jewelry piece(s).



Appraisal Report will include:

■  Cover Page

■  Explanation Page(s)

■  Appraiser's Credentials

■  Separate page for each jewelry item appraised, including full description of item, photographs and replacement value



■  Standard Jewelry Piece (1st item):  $40

■  Additional Jewelry Piece (2nd & subsequent items):  $30

■  Cluster Piece (over 10 stones):  $65

■  Updated appraisal:  $25

■  Portal to portal charge:  $1 per mile

■  If you have a large number of pieces to be appraised, the price may be negotiated before start of appraisal process

■  We accept the following credit cards:



Stephanie L. Masché

Registered Gemologist Appraiser

(920) 296-6957

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